Got a problem? Call the Mediators

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An East Ren woman has set up a new kind of support service for minority ethnic communities.

Minority Ethnic Mediation (MEM) offers a kind of ‘go-between’ service for ethnic groups or individuals during private or potentially legal cases.

The charity’s chair, Pamela Kaur of Newton Mearns, said: “We are here to help families, individuals and companies. Our bilingual staff will help break down cultural barriers.”

Pamela told The Extra why this service is needed, saying: “There are a number of reasons why people choose to mediate.

“They may want to maintain a relationship once the dispute is over.

“Some people want stay in control of the process rather than hand it over to a judge or arbitrator who would hand down a judgement; they may also be worried about the costs of going to court or a lengthy delay in waiting for a trial.

“They may be seeking settlement rather than risk a judge finding against them.

“Others may want the dispute and settlement to be confidential. And then there are neighbours or businesses who deal in the same area or type of work.”

The charity is keen to engage with the business sector and has put together a suite of ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ corporate sponsorship packages.

Pamela said: “Companies and organisations can make a charitable contribution in return for endorsement through our promotional materials.”

Corporate sponsorship deals can be arranged for £250 for website presence to £1,000 for a wider visibility and a table at events.