Good Causes to the rescue again

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CHARITY East Renfrewshire good causes is celebrating after helping out yet again in the community — this time joining forces with East Renfrewshire council and The Avenue shopping centre.

The group has given a helping hand to the council-run Thornliebank resource centre, which offers support to adults with a range of disabilities, including non-verbal autism, which can sometimes cause sufferers to drop to the floor in panic and leave them afraid to move or unable to get up.

East Ren good causes, the council and the Avenue have all contributed £400 each to the cost 
of £1,200 manger cushions for 
clients at the resource 

The manger cushion is an inflatable device, designed to help raise panicked clients from the floor, and to gently ease them into an upright sitting position, making it easier for support staff to assist and calm clients.

Before the cushions arrived, resource centre staff found it difficult to take clients on visits in the community, which meant a lot of frustration and less exercise than the team would like.

But ERGC founder Russell Macmillan is delighted to be able to help his community yet again.

Russell (47) is registered blind and is a double-transplant recipient, after receiving a new pancreas and kidney in 2007. He set up ER Good Causes the same year as a way of honouring the memory of his organ donor, and also thanking society for his second lease of life.

ER Good Causes has gone on to raise £242,786 for the local community to date.

He told The Extra: “The staff at Thornliebank resource centre identified the manger cushion as a way to enhance the quality of life for their clients. I’m amazed at the dedication of the staff, and the resource centre has a lovely feel. It’s something we should all be proud of.

“This is a fantastic example of what can be achieved in difficult times — a private business, the local council and a local charity, all working together to improve the quality of someone’s life”.

Russell added an ongoing appeal to Extra readers to support ER Good Causes, so that the charity can continue to help neighbours in the future.

To find out more about the charity and the donation process, visit East Ren Good Causes.