Go with the flow at Tuts

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Singer and songwriter Judith Owen wears her heart on her sleeve – or rather in her songs – not in a self-indulgent or selfpitying way; rather as recognition that people will relate to her songs as one who’s been there, who understands.

Some of the saddest, most poignant lyrics can uplift a spirit by the sheer knowledge that we’re not alone in our experiences. Someone else knows what we’re going through and Judith’s story is testament to the ups as well as the downs, the ebb and flow of the rivers of life. Right now, she tells us in an exclusive interview from her hotel room in Germany as part of her current European tour, Judith’s in a good place.

Fans are well aware of her almost lifelong struggle with depression through her lyrics and melodies and from her blogs.

On stage, particularly in intimate venues such as her upcoming gig at King Tuts, audiences feel a warm connection with the singer.

Her latest album Ebb & Flow is recorded with Waddy Watchel and Russell Kunkle.

Carol has worked with Carol King and James Taylor, who she says were her first introduction to music during long drives to family holidays to a backdrop of music from Carol King, Joni Mitchell, artistes that she describes as “1970s troubadours of that ‘old school’ sound, that feeling”.

She says: “I love the dark intense lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s songs.”

Dubbed “funny and fearless performer” by the New York Times, her most recent single release Christmas With The Devil is released with her comedian husband Harry Shearer (Simpsons & Spinal Tap).

King Tuts, tomorrow (Friday). £12.