Go safe crossing Glasgow roads

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A new campaign will encourage pedestrians to Go Safe when crossing Glasgow roads.

Go Safe Glasgow’s efforts include a TV advert aimed at reducing road casualties.

The initiative will give particular focus to older generations, as 12 of 15 pedestrians who died on Glasgow roads last year were elderly.

Bailie Elaine McDougall, GCC’s executive member for transport, environment and sustainability, said: “We are determined to make every effort to reduce the number of people injured and killed on our roads.

“There are safer crossing facilities installed on streets across the city to allow people to cross busy roads safely.

“Every fatality is a tragedy and hopefully the campaign will encourage people to think twice before they step out.”

Leaflets and posters will appear across the city, in shopping centres, subway stations and car parks.

The initiative also has backing from Police Scotland — inspector Janet Dickie, road policing, added: “Every road crash is preventable. One death or serious injury is one too many on our roads.

“For drivers, this means making good decisions around appropriate speed for the circumstances — especially in built-up areas. For pedestrians, this means crossing where it is safe to do so and not taking any chances.”