Glasgow faces up to multi-million budget shortfall

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Glasgow citizens are being asked their opinions on Glasgow City Council’s upcoming budgets as the authority faces millions of pounds worth of cuts.

The citywide consultation launched yesterday, announcing a £133 million shortfall over the next two years.

GCC has come up with proposals to meet £43m of the £86m target for 2016/17, and asks residents to have their say by February 19.

According to the document published online, those include certain grants, apprenticeship support and “expenditure on education services excluding teacher numbers”.

Cuts to community facilities and cultural events are also on the cards, as well as rising charges for leisure in Glasgow.

Chief executive Annemarie O’Donnell said: “There is no doubt the city faces some very substantial challenges.

“In determining spending priorities, nobody is more important than the citizens who depend on the services the council provides.

“By taking part in this budget consultation, Glaswegians can ensure their elected representatives understand exactly what they value the most about the services the council provides — and where they think it could make savings.”

The council also proposes using balances — equal to 40 per cent of GCC’s total balances — to further meet savings needed from April.

The consultation is now live at, and the council has pledged to hold meetings with community groups early next month.

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