Glasgow and East Ren are ready for winter

Councils promise winter teams at the ready, should the temperature drop
Councils promise winter teams at the ready, should the temperature drop

With temperatures set to dip next week and snow predicted over higher parts of Scotland, Glasgow and East Renfrewshire have assured residents that they are ready for winter.

In East Ren, more than 6,000 tonnes of salt is stockpiled, should another big freeze happen over the next few months.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, convener for infrastructure and sustainable growth, said: “Our winter team is ready to swing into action.

“Most people recognise that main roads, access to fire stations and bus routes need to come first, before smaller streets are done.

“To help people to help themselves we’ve got more than 300 street grit bins and some larger community bins in key locations, listed at

“Please remember that we cannot guarantee all roads will always be completely free of ice and snow. Even when we have salted the roads, it takes time for it to work. In severe conditions we may have to continue treating our main routes until such times as they are considered safe before we can attend to minor roads.

“What we can guarantee is that we have a hardworking and dedicated team primed to deliver the best possible assistance.”

In Glasgow, up to 250 vehicles are primed for ploughing and gritting, as well as snow wardens — volunteers appointed as part of a 2011/12 programme and trained in helping their community through spells of cold weather.

More information — including weather warnings and details of any school closures — is available at or @GlasgowCC.