Give respect to others

THE NHS has launched a new campaign called Respect My Dying Wish aimed at getting people to allow organ donation.

Every year some 15 per cent of potential organ donors are lost because loved ones refuse donations.

Last year 43 people died while awaiting a transplant and the NHS say they may have been alive had people’s wishes been adhered to.

The aim of the campaign is to persuade families to allow organs to be taken from those who have indicated they want to donate.

Professor Kevin Rooney is one of the clinicians leading the campaign.

He said: “While there has been a successful national focus on driving up the numbers of people who carry a donor card, in recent months we have become aware that one of the biggest obstacles to successful transplants is actually due to relatives refusing to allow organs or tissue to be taken for transplant.

“All too often families are so distraught that they will not give permission even though the deceased had agreed to be a donor.

“Just one of those willing donor who had their wish overruled could have given us the opportunity to help up to nine of the 808 people currently on Scotland’s transplant list”.

The three-month campaign will cover multi platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

There is also a dedicated, interactive website with information, quizzes and games.

Prof Rooney added: “More than 90% of families would be prepared to donate the organs of loved ones in the event of their death, if they are registered and their wishes are known.

“Sadly, this drops to nearer 40% if donation wishes are not known.

“It is staggering to think that something as simple as a conversation with loved ones can mean the difference between life and death for others.

“You can see how important it is to ask your family to respect your dying wish”.