Giffnock teenager who battled cancer makes a name for himself as a young entrepreneur

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A Giffnock teenager who fought cancer while studying for his exams is on track to earn a six-figure sum after launching a social media talent agency.

Suhit Amin (17) was diagnosed in February with early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes.

He underwent aggressive chemotherapy sessions while studying for his Higher exams – yet still achieved 6As.

The depute head boy at Hutchesons’ Grammar School also launched a company to manage ‘influencers’ on social media platforms such as You Tube, Instagram and Twitch, the live-streaming video games website.

His company Saulderson Media has a projected six figure turnover in its first year and he was recently crowned young social media marketer of the year at prestigious awards ceremony in London.

Suhit said: “The six months of treatment have been the hardest six months of my life. I coped the only way I know how, I stayed strong and treated it as if it was just a minor obstacle that I knew I could surpass.

“This experience has been, more than anything, a learning experience and it was obviously a life-changing experience for many reasons.

“Of course there’s always that little voice in the back of your head saying, what happens if it goes wrong and I’m not here in five years’ time? That voice really motivated me.”

Suhit focused on studying for his Highers and planning the launch of his business and his hard work and determination has certainly paid off.

He continued: “Just because I am a schoolchild, doesn’t mean I can’t make something of myself, leave a legacy.

“I can’t stress enough how I want to make a positive change in the world as an entrepreneur and leave a legacy.”

The entrepreneur said he originally wanted to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a doctor but at the start of senior school he realised the potential to make money on the internet.

He explained: “I wanted to be a doctor, like my parents. I was so certain of it.

“This all changed when I started getting exposed to online media. It fascinated me how I could take my passions and things I am good at online and monetise them in some way.

“Now there are some months when I earn more than my mum.”

Suhit plans to run his business while studying economics and business at university next year.

Colin Gambles, rector at Hutchesons’, said: “Suhit told this story in assembly and his audience was rapt.

“His messages of resilience, overcoming challenge, being true to himself and success could not have been delivered better. He is an amazing role model and we are hugely proud of him.”