Giffnock mum helps save lives with classes

Nicola Stewart with family
Nicola Stewart with family

A Giffnock mum was concerned there were so few courses in first and emergency aid for children, that she did something about it.

Nicola Stewart has launched Mini First Aid Glasgow South which she feels will bridge the gap between standard adult first aid courses and those that cover paediatrics and smaller children.

Nicola is no stranger to first aid, with four children of her own and having travelled around the world for nearly 20 years for the airline in red!

Nicola has had to deal with a range of medical situations including a baby who had a febrile seizure on board. She knows just how important it is to stay calm and act quickly.

Nicola said: “A quarter of parents have no first aid knowledge whatsoever and frighteningly, 1 in 5 parents have found themselves in the situation where their child needed urgent first aid. A two hour class can literally save a child’s life. It can be frightening using first aid on a baby, but not as frightening as not knowing what to do.”

‘Mini’ may be in her business name, but Nicola is thinking big and won’t be stopping there with many other courses planned, including Mini First Aid corporate classes in the workplace.

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