Giffnock charity’s kitten cash drive

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GIFFNOCK cat lovers are fundraising for a kitten in need of surgery.

The East Renfrewshire branch of Cats Protection have taken into car a four-month-old kitten named Thomas, who suffers from a congenital deformity of the leg.

It is not known how the affliction will affect him as he grows, and so the charity is asking cat lovers to donate a small amount to pay for an assessment from an orthopaedic surgeon.

Branch co-ordinator Karen Minnery told The Extra: “Thomas and his sister Tila have been in our care for three months. He’s a great wee boy and I had the pleasure of fostering them both for a while.

“Both kittens are with a long-term fosterer until any decision is made on his leg, and we’ve decided to raise money to send him to the Glasgow vet school, to see if they can do anything to fix his leg.

“At present, Thomas is under the care of our wonderful vets at Rouken Glen veterinary practice – unfortunately sending him to the vet school is very expensive.

“But we think he’s worth it and deserves a chance – and we’ll do anything to make that possible”.

Karen hopes to encourage the support of East Renfrewshire cat lovers, who can find out more about sponsoring Thomas by visiting, or contacting the branch on .