GHA slammed for taking 14 months to repair a leak

Damage caused by leaks to Laurence Barclay's flat
Damage caused by leaks to Laurence Barclay's flat

A disabled Shawlands man has accused his landlords of leaving him in a damp and water damaged flat for 14 months while they tried to find a leak!

Laurence Barclay (44) who lives in a Glasgow Housing Association Flat in McDougall Street, Shawlands suffers from a variety of conditions meaning he is unable to work.

He claims that the stress of this situation, as well as the continual dampness in his property has exacerbated his medical conditions.

In September 2015 Laurence reported a leak in the ceiling of his flat, which he also claims was not properly investigated by GHA, and has resulted in him living on a mattress in his living room due to the continual water leaking into his bedroom.

Despite numerous attempts by tradesmen from the Association to get to the root of the problem, it has taken 14 months to locate the problem with the buildings roof and carry out what Laurence hoped will be an effective repair.

GHA South Area Director Jennifer Russell said: “We are very sorry it has proved so difficult to get to the bottom of this issue and apologise to Mr Barclay for the inconvenience caused. Identifying the source of the leak in this case has proved particularly complex and it has taken us longer than usual to get a solution.

“Our repairs team carried out a number of repairs which seemed to sort the leak but unfortunately the problem came back. After further examination, we are now confident we have identified the root of the problem and are carrying out the work this week which will resolve the issue once and for all.

“We will fully redecorate Mr Barclay’s bedroom including putting down new flooring, plastering and painting. We have also recently installed new gas central heating in his flat at his request and have plastered his hall and offered to redecorate it for him. We will continue to offer him any other support he needs.”

Laurence said: “Such has been the inconvenience caused, not to mention the furnishings and fittings which have had to be destroyed due to damage, which GHA have refused to compensate me for, I have now sought legal advice from Govan Law Centre.

“They were horrified to learn that I had been left in this position for 14 months and have decided to fully support me in my claim.”