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WITH memories of 2010’s cold snap still lingering and worries about severe winter weather in the months ahead, the Scottish government is asking: are you prepared?

The Are You Ready for Winter? Campaign has been launched in a bid to encourage Scots to prepare for the coming season.

New research shows that only two fifths are prepared for all kinds of severe weather, with three quarters believing they were set with just an ice-scraper and de-icer in the car.

As well as ensuring that your home is set for wintry weather, it is equally important to stock up while on the move —so that you keep warm, fed and watered should adverse conditions delay you.

Minister for transport Keith Brown explained: “Being prepared for winter and all kinds of severe weather is something we all need to take responsibility for.

“We all know that Scotland’s weather can change quickly and this year we’ve already seen some people badly affected as floods and high winds struck.

“By thinking ahead, we can all help Scotland be better prepared, building safer and stronger communities where we can deal with the consequences of severe weather”.

The focus is on all kinds of severe weather, from high winds, flooding, snow and ice – and being prepared no matter where you find yourself.

Both Glasgow and East Renfrewshire council are backing the national campaign, and each has information available on its website, should the weather get in your way this winter.

Details of Glasgow city council’s winter maintenance plan — which includes 243 winter fleet vehicles and 26 gritting machines, as well as 18,000 tons of sand and grit — are now online, as well as information on the snow code, which encourages residents to do their bit by using the 1,000 grit bins across the city.

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East Renfrewshire council has a similar plan in operation, and a spokeswoman said: “In the coming weeks, we will update [the website] explaining what roads we will be gritting and when.

“We will also use this page to keep residents up to date if/when any severe weather conditions impact on any council services”.

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The national roadshow will be touring Scotland throughout October and November, and tips and advice are available at