George Square plans scrapped

PLANS for a £15 million revamp of George Square have been scrapped in favour of a more modest proposal, according to Glasgow city council.

The city centre space is to undergo a substantial facelift, but none of the controversial designs shortlisted will be used, according to council leader Gordon Matheson.

Matheson and a judging panel were due to announce a decision on Friday, but following public outcry over the six shortlisted entries, the group was unable to reach a verdict.

A second meeting took place today, and it was decided that the statues – missing in some of the designs put forward – will be retained, and the grassy areas will be maintained.

The controversial red tarmac introduced in the 90s will also be replaced.

Councillor Matheson explained: “The people of Glasgow have made it clear in no uncertain terms that they do not want a radical redesign of the square.

“They want the square to look better and be a place of which they can be proud – a place they can while away a sunny afternoon or get together and celebrate the big occasions in the life of the city.

“They also want us to keep the statues where they are, and they like the grass. However, they clearly want rid of the red tarmac.

“I am proud to say that I am listening to them.

“We will carry out this refurbishment work in time for the Commonwealth Games and only if there is public demand thereafter, will we consider a radical change”.

He added: “The companies which were asked to produce designs gave us stunning plans, any one of which would have looked fantastic, and I would like to thank the architectural firms involved for their time and hard work. I also want to thank the members of the jury”.