Gate to the future

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PARENTS have won their battle to improve pupils’ safety at Netherlee primary school.

A secure fence has been erected and a nearby pavement on Clarkston Road has been built.

And the new measures have been praised by parents, residents and community representatives who have long campaigned for them.

Netherlee councillor Ralph Robertson told The Extra: “The parent council, teachers and myself have pushed hard to make the school secure and managed to get a fence erected.

“The playground at the main entrance, beside the sports pitch, has always been open. Parents have been very concerned a child would be injured as this is a very busy area with cars.

“Now this will create a safe playground and will also help protect the school when it is closed.

“Meanwhile the pavement that used to flood next to the telephone box at the school on Clarkston Road was recently renewed.

“This allows pedestrians to walk along without having to go onto the road to pass the flooding when it rained”.

But he warned: “Where it has made this much safer for the many people of all ages who use this it has caused another problem.

“Both drivers and pedestrians must take extra care here as previously this was road but is now a lowered pavement.

“So drivers must make sure it is clear and safe before entering or leaving the parking. Pedestrians should keep an eye on cars turning in here as there have been a few close escapes.

“I would urge everyone to take that extra few seconds looking before using this part of the pavement and make sure young children know what to do.

“This is a very congested area especially at school start and finish times”.

Council spokeswoman said: “The installation of the new school gates at Netherlee primary school has both re-assured and delighted both parents and pupils that the safety of our children is our number one priority”.