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Music fans and rockers will have another outlet to sell or rummage old albums, books, comics and memorabilia with the opening this weekend of The New Hellfire Club’s music lovers’ store over in the west end.

Cosetted within the mews The Hidden Lane, at 1103 Argyle Street, Hellfire adds an ubercool nuance to the already eclectic mix of businesses in The Lane.

The not-for-profit business promises a one-stop shop for buying or selling anything from vynil classics to live music tickets — with no handling or booking fees — as well as giving a platform to new indie bands on the Hellfire online radio shack.

Manager Jamie McDermid said: “We will stock music, merchandise, gig tickets and books.

“We will get posters up instore, give bands airplay, get them on our unique ‘For Fans Of’ instore database, give out flyers and badges, advertise gigs on our instore board, get artistes in for a totally unplugged set or a signing day.

“That’s now 56 bands and musicians, and four record labels officially registered with us to stock them at the shop — all for only nine bucks per three-months registration.

“This means members keep all of their sale money; we don’t take a cut of it at all, and we don’t add anything onto the top price either.

“We are non-profit. So, if you want to help us, then join our NHC Music Exclusives club. It’s only a tenner a year and pays for itself within a couple of months.”

“We also plan to have book or album signings and are open to suggestions for one-off events.

“We are also on the look out for a good excuse to have a party. Official opening this Monday, August 18, all day.