Food Review: Jayz Bar, Shawlands

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It’s not often we go back for seconds — but when Shawlands bar Jayz announced a revamped menu and invited us along to taste it...well, it would be rude not to.

I shared a hefty lunch for two, kicking off with the new combo platter (£6.95) — which would feed the masses with leftovers to spare. Jayz throw it all at you at once, from breaded mushrooms and chicken strips to crunchy onion rings, wedge-like chips and black pudding tempura (that’s more deep-fried goodness to Glesga punters like us).

It’s all tasty in that deeply unhealthy way (a compliment around these parts), served up with dips and no pretense of salad on the side. This is hangover fodder, and no doubt perfect for late Saturday lunch, dissecting the night before at The Shed.

Jayz’ chicken pie (£8.95) is a little more refined; creamy sauce coating succulent meat, a huge portion of chips and peas and the tallest puff pastry this side of the Clyde — you’ll ‘ooh’ at when it approaches the table.

The chicken and bacon melt (£8.95) is another dirty food delight; grilled breast smothered in crispy bacon, melted cheddar and either BBQ or peppercorn sauce.

It may not be reinventing the wheel but, with plates heavier than your wallet and an expanding menu of comfort food, Jayz continues to provide a vital tummy-filling service to Shawlands.

Jayz Bar

87 Kilmarnock Road


G41 3YR

0141 649 8737