Food Review: Dragon-i, Glasgow

Dragon-i food review
Dragon-i food review

I’d been hearing a lot of good things recently about Dragon-i, the unique Scottish/Malaysian/Cantonese restaurant situated on Hope Street, Glasgow- and, having now visited I can understand why.

This is quite likely the only Cantonese fusion establishment in Glasgow, so anyone trying to steal that position is going to have to go some!

Set up around 13 years ago by current chef/patron Stephen Man along with his brother, Stephen returned in April last year to once again take on the running of the restaurant. The award-winning chef prides himself on the Asian fusion menu and I’ll gladly lay a bet now that there won’t be another restaurant of this style in the west offering Stornoway Black Pudding on the menu!

Supporting local suppliers is key to their success according to Stephen, as is the continual tweaking of the menu to tempt the palates of the great Glasgow consumer. I wish him luck with that one – I suspect sweet and sour chicken will always be a staple in the diet of many Glaswegians.

So to the menu we go. Starters were Satay strips – Turmeric coated chicken in a sauce. The chicken was just on the point of being dry but as it was, we got away with it and all was well. Mrs Mac chose Che Ci Gai - fresh mango and mozzarella wrapped in chicken breast slices topped with mango sauce. She was more than happy with this dish, which she said blended well together.

Next up was Hong Sow App – aromatic sliced duck with pancakes, leeks, cucumber and hoisin sauce. The meat was cooked well, but was sadly lacking that essential component, the crispy duck skin. Now I know it’s not politically correct in this age of healthy eating, but do I care. Not a jot. For this dish to work properly it needs that crispy goodness.

Mains were duly delivered. I chose a sweet and sour Har – light crispy batter coated tiger prawns served with a garlic butter fried rice. Now this was spot on. Eight to ten large prawns arrived coated in a deliciously sweet sauce with a subtle salty aftertaste, and which had a nod to the Caribbean with a hint of rum and coconut - delish!

My other half opted for the duck in a plum sauce. Not just any old duck this dish was succulent, tender and expertly cooked. And there was plenty of it too . The sauce was again the perfect compliment, an infusion of lemon grass, chilli, and ginger blended together in a light plum dressing. In fact I’d go so far as to say that this was the dish of the night and deserves an award of its own.

The staff here deserve acknowledgement and it’s a pity not more service establishments could offer such a superlative service.

Crowning the night was my lychee crème brûlée - I’m a sucker for this dessert and boy this one took it to a whole new level, while the CO sat opposite with a crispy light batter filled choc full of pineapple pieces and apple chunks. Plates wiped clean are always a good sign!


311-313 Hope St


G2 3PT

0141 332 7728