Fly-tipping is blight on Shawlands

Deanston Drive is used as a dumping ground for household goods
Deanston Drive is used as a dumping ground for household goods

Shawlands residents are fed up with fly-tipping — and many lay the blame at the doors of their neighbours.

Reader Ronnie Stronach contacted The Extra with pictures of busy Deanston Drive and Skirving Street, each littered with waste and old furniture.

He said: “Once the lanes get filled, then it’s dumped on any corner. It’s just lazy, filthy tenants and no one [else] is bothering their backsides about us.”

Ronnie’s pictures prompted reaction on The Extra’s Facebook page, with many calling on neighbours to clean up their act.

Pat Bradley told The Extra: “I believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility. I have heard people saying that they don’t know where their rubbish should go to get collected — I suggest they take the time to find out.

“I love Shawlands but it’s such a shame to see these photographs. In such a heavily populated area, rubbish could get out of hand very quickly.”

Dorothy Boyd added that the problem seems to be getting worse in Shawlands.

“Maybe Glasgow City Council could do with fewer white collars and more men with brushes. Bottom line though is that it’s all down to people who just don’t seem to care.”

A GCC spokeswoman agreed that Shawlands was a known hotspot, and urged more people to report incidents to Clean Glasgow via the MYGLASGOW app or on 0300 343 7027 — but not on Twitter, where many share pictures but not a location.

She continued: “On average we collect around 35 items reported through our free bulk uplift service every hour. However, some people continue to illegally fly-tip and selfishly dump waste.

“Keeping Glasgow clean is a huge task and it is everyone’s responsibility to play their part, not just the council, by disposing of different types of rubbish in the right way. If there are people who would like to join us in helping clean up their community, they can contact Clean Glasgow and we’d love to hear from them.”

She added that “additional resources” have been deployed to the south and north west of the city to deal with a backlog of bulk uplifts over the festive season.