Flooding woes at new Capelrig Burn cycle path

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Cyclists hoping to use the bike path near Capelrig Burn will have faced a roundabout route of late, thanks to flooding.

One reader contacted The Extra to complain about the path — part of East Renfrewshire Council’s cycling initiative Go Newton Mearns!

Dyland Roodt said: “The path is not fit for purpose. No allowance is made for the difference in height of the path to the footbridge over the burn, and there is no way for the rain water to get to the burn so it overflows.”

He brands the scheme “a waste of taxpayers money” — but a council spokeswoman countered that the path “is still under construction.

“Outstanding works still to be completed include replacing the existing footbridge and measures to mitigate the build-up of water surrounding the path. A new hardwood bridge is being constructed offsite.”