First wave of East Ren parking plans

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A REVIEW of parking restrictions for Clarkston and Busby has been published by East Renfrewshire council — and residents are invited to have their say.

The council launched a public consultation in August last year, after parking enforcement was transferred from police to the local authority — leading to complaints of outdated parking rules and heavy handed fines.

The draft document states: “There were numerous restrictions that varied in complexity which did not necessarily meet the council’s aim of sustaining the efficient flow of traffic whilst balancing it against the needs of pedestrians, residents and businesses.”

The draft includes changes to Busby Road, where motorists will be able to park for a maximum of 90 minutes during the day — although further restrictions will remain for peak times.

On Mearns, Benview and Eaglesham roads, the maximum time will rise from 60 to 90 mins, with double yellow lines installed at Aidan’s Brae/Mearns Road and Eastwoodmains Road/Golf Road.

Copies of the review are available at Busby and Clarkston libraries, council offices and the ERC website — households affected have been notified by letter.

Residents have until April 14 to share their views on the draft.

An ERC spokesman said: “The formal consultation follows the successful survey held last summer, and the council is grateful to all who took time to make their views known.”

Community group campaigned for a review last year — this week, a representative told The Extra: “It’s good to finally see a concrete proposal which would give some much needed clarity on what’s allowed.

“We think residents should look closely at the proposals, because once things are fixed, they’re unlikely to change for a long time.”