Fire services urges safety around water

THE Fire Service has issued a warning to the public after a man died in a southside park.

Nicholas Smith (23) jumped into the waterfall in Linn park – but he did not resurface.

Mr Smith was pulled from the water but later died in hospital.

The tragedy has sparked a reaction from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue which urges people to be careful around waterways.

Chief fire officer Brian Sweeney said: “Accidents do unfortunately happen.

“However, I would take this opportunity to ask everyone to be especially safe around watercourses and treat them with respect.

“Always ensure that your whereabouts is known and if you must enter a stream, pool or river for any specific reason then please ensure that you have taken all available safety precautions.

“I make no apologies for emphasising the plea to be safe when around any stretch of water”.