Fine art and profanities from the art school

Original artwork by John Byrne
Original artwork by John Byrne

Glasgow School of Art is in the spotlight this week for a Glasgay! production at the Tron.

Part of the venue’s mini-season of work by John Byrne, Colquhoun & MacBryde focuses on the two Roberts of the 1940s — both art school graduates, famous in their day yet now all but forgotten.

The two artists are particular favourites of Byrne, which is perhaps why he’s keen to bring their flamboyant lives back into the public eye.

Darlings of the London scene, the duo’s Notting Hill studio was a hub for cultural types — but aggression and alcohol abuse saw them descend into the gutter later in life.

It’s billed as ‘packed with fine art and foul profanities’ and it runs until November 8 — tickets £10 from 552 4267.