Festivalgoers face the music

Eminem headlined at Bellahouston's Summer Sessions
Eminem headlined at Bellahouston's Summer Sessions

WHAT was meant to be a week celebrating a summer of music in the southside has witnessed almost 100 arrests.

Glasgow’s Summer Sessions at Bellahouston Park were a series of three concerts, headlined by rockers Kings of Leon on Thursday, dance act Avicii on Saturday and rapper Eminem on Tuesday.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed almost 100 arrests during the week.

There were 30 arrests, with one accusation of serious assault, at the Avicii gig on Saturday night and 34 arrests took place on Tuesday.

These included two incidents of sexual assault, eight assaults and several drugs offences, including a 35-year-old man who was arrested in connection with drugs with an estimated value of £1,500.

Reader Claire Haigh thinks these gigs are simply not worth the hassle.

She told The Extra: “Good people will miss out on what should be a cracking experience because of the few who choose to get drunk and ruin it for others. I just dont see it being worth the risk.”

A Glasgow city council spokesman defended the decision to hold the concerts, which attracted more than 80,000 people.

He said: “We welcome the opportunity to bring major international stars to the city and boost the city’s reputation on the international stage.

“Applications for events are treated on their individual merits and need to meet licensing conditions.”

Councillor David Meikle added: “I welcome big events such as Summer Sessions coming to Glasgow, however something has gone wrong.

“Glasgow should host concerts like this but people should enjoy them responsibily and we should ensure the surrounding area is safe.”