Fenwick Road jam fury

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MOTORISTS have hit out at an energy firm and roads chiefs over works that are causing traffic chaos on a busy highway.

Fenwick Road at the junction of Burnfield Road has been reduced to one lane since Tuesday as Scottish Power and East Renfrewshire council scramble to fix electricity cables.

That has led to major gridlock in parts of Giffnock, with drivers left furious at the delays.

Resident David Boyes claims his wife Elaine sat in traffic for half an hour without moving before giving up and looking for an alternative route.

He told The Extra: “This wasn’t even in rush hour traffic — it was just after 10am. I wanted to get some lunch from Morrisons before I started work but the traffic was so bad around it I had to turn back.

“This is the second time this year Fenwick Road has been partially closed. It is a very congested area at the best of times but it was absolute mayhem on Tuesday.

“The traffic lights give a lot of time each way so cars end up tailing back for miles”.

An East Renfrewshire council spokesman confirmed the works at Fenwick Road and Burnfield Road are being carried out by Scottish Power to repair a low-voltage cable.

But he insisted the road would be back to normal today and added: “This is urgent work and the information we have is the excavation will be backfilled with hardcore overnight and black top will be applied in the morning.

“If things go to plan the junction should return to standard signal control by lunchtime today (Thurday).

“The temporary signals have caused delays even though they have been manually controlled to reduce queuing traffic”.