Father John preaches

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Looking for something a bit different after a weekend of clubbing or a night at the opera?

Next Monday (Feb 23) at King Tut’s is worth a gander for American singer and songwriter Father John Misty.

Born Joshua Tillman, the versatile performer is as neat with a guitar as he is on drums. Tillman is a former member of indie rock bands Saxon Shore and Fleet Foxes and has toured extensively with Pacific Northwest artists Damien Jurado, Jesse Sykes, and David Bazan.

He donned the mantle of Father John Misty in 2012, releasing the album Fear Fun. When discussing the creation of the name, Tillman paraphrases the inimitable Philip Roth: “It’s all of me and none of me, if you can’t see that, you won’t get it. What I call it is totally arbitrary, but I like the name. You’ve got to have a name. I never got to choose mine.”

A couple of months prior to the release of the album, a video was released for Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings featuring Parks and Recreation  star Aubrey Plaza.

The album was a dramatic departure from any of Tillman’s former releases. On how the album came about Tillman said: “I got into my van with enough mushrooms to choke a horse and started driving down the coast with nowhere to go.

“After a few weeks, I was writing a novel, which is where I finally found my narrative voice. It was a while before that voice started manifesting in a musical way, but once I settled in the Laurel Canyon spider-shack where I’m living now, I spent months demoing all these weird-ass songs about weird-ass experiences almost in real time, and kind of had this musical ‘Oh-there-I-am’ moment.”

Let’s hope he finds time to muse between songs at Tut’s — doors 8.30pm, tickets £12.50.