Far-right group cancels mosque march

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THE Scottish Defence League has cancelled plans for a demonstration outside Eastwood high school in Newton 

The application was made to the council to host the demo on December 7, following a public consultation on whether a mosque could be built on land currently designated as school grounds.

While a proposal for a mosque has prompted much opposition from the local community, plans for a demonstration were those of the SDL alone.

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh and East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy called on the authorities to ban any attempt to demonstrate outside a 
local school.

Ken Macintosh, told The Extra: “Parents have genuine and strongly held concerns on any proposal to build on land next to their children’s school, but those same parents are very supportive of the Muslim community and are united in recognising the need for a mosque in East Renfrewshire.

“This is a shameless attempt to exploit anxiety over a planning application for the SDL’s own nasty agenda. We don’t want these troublemakers in this area.”

The SDL withdrew their application to the council on Monday.

East Renfrewshire’s MP Jim Murphy, added:“Our area is home to people of all faiths including a large and growing Muslim community as well as Scotland’s biggest Jewish community living side by side as great neighbours.

The last thing we need is the racist Scottish Defence League bandwagon coming to town.”

Several readers voiced opposition to the suggestion of a possible SDL march on The Extra’s Facebook page.

Aqeel Amed commented: “I believe everyone ought to oppose an openly fascist organisation with inherently racist undertones.”

However, Pat Masterman wrote in defence of democratic protest: “I do not support the SDL but everyone has the right to protest against the plans.”