Fair play to Glasgow

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GLASGOW has been singled out for praise over the city’s efforts to promote Fair Trade.

International development minister Humza Yousaf commended the people of Glasgow for the part they played in making Scotland a Fair Trade Nation.

The news follows the city’s celebration of its Fairtrade Fortnight and a national campaign led by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum which saw people throughout the country rally behind Fair Trade principles.

The Fair Trade Nation status was made possible after people, government, businesses, public bodies and communities in Glasgow and across Scotland came together to meet stringent criteria designed to promote Fair Trade.

Mr Yousaf said: “The people of Glasgow have played their part in striving to make Scotland a good global citizen, committed to playing its part in addressing poverty.

“Throughout the city, individuals have worked hard to help those less fortunate and really make a difference.

“I thank every person, business and organisation in the city who has helped Scotland towards achieving Fair Trade Nation status.

“I also commend the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, which has been instrumental in driving forward our Fair Trade Nation agenda.”

To qualify for the status, the Scottish Fair Trade Forum had to meet certain criteria such as:

1.All seven cities and at least 55% of local authority are to have Fairtrade status.

2.All 32 local authorities areas and at least 55% of towns with a population of 5,000 or more to have active Fair Trade groups working towards Fairtrade status.

3.At least 60% of higher education institutions to have active Fair Trade groups working towards Fairtrade status.

4.Scottish parliament and Scottish government to use, promote and make available Fair Trade products internally and to actively promote Fairtrade Fortnight each year.

5.Fair Trade to be promoted in schools through the curriculum, procurement and other possible means.

6.Schools , further education institutions, faith groups, trade unions, business networks, voluntary and youth organisations to pledge to use and promote Fair Trade.

7.Seventy-five per cent of people to buy a Fair Trade product every year.

8.For 40% of people to regularly buy Fairtrade products.

The Scottish government has funded the Scottish Fair Trade Forum since 2007 and have so far provided the forum with £847,254 in cash.