Extra Letters (June 13 edition)

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Appeal for Thomas the cat

I’m hoping that readers of The Extra can help us again with a kitten in our care, Thomas, who was the subject of a recent fundraising appeal for life-saving surgery on a leg deformity.

Thomas’ surgery has not gone well. Unfortunately, the vets think venous flow was interrupted somehow during the operation, and the skin on his paw has died.

We are all devastated for Thomas, as this means he may have to lose his leg after all he has been through. He is currently an in-patient at the Glasgow Vet school, and they are doing all they can. They have taken off all the dead skin and he has a small patch healing, but it’s going to be a long, expensive process.

We used the £2,000 raised for the surgery and don’t know when the cost will stop. We’re now apealing to East Ren cat lovers and any local businesses to make donations.

All we want is Thomas to be well again. He’s such a special cat — even the vet has said he is remarkable, as the pain he has had, most humans could not have tolerated without sedation.

Anyone who wants to help can get in touch with us by calling 0141 638 5110 or visiting www.facebook.com/catsgiffnock.

Karen Minnery

Cats Protectio Giffnock and District Branch

Apprenticeship call

I recently noticed, in the press, an item regarding AA apprentice schemes.

I contacted the AA in the hope that I could get details for school leavers — they advised me that they do expect to have vacancies for patrols and home technicians in Scotland over the next 12 months.

Details can be found at www.theaacareers.co.uk, and any pupils who fancy that kind of work could get in contact with the AA.

Councillor Charlie Gilbert

East Renfrewshire Conservative education spokesman

Comments from the web

IT WAS bad news for the campaigners behind Save Eaglesham Village last week, as a new planning application for the area of green belt in question surfaced — and made The Extra’s front page.

Taking to Twitter, @SaveEagleshamV lamented: “As predicted, [developers] Cala have tried another route” — a feeling echoed by Facebook follower Barbara Rourke, who commented that it was a “terrible situation”.

Claire Anderson added: “Thought it was too good to be true!”

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At Extra Towers, we’re capable of having a bit of fun too.

This week we asked you: what’s your summer tune?

The Extra’s own Jim Cameron opted for Primal Scream’s Rocks or Madness classic Baggy Trousers.

Facebook follower El Ahrairah chose Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life, adding: “Much better than some of the songs I can hear from folk’s mobiles while they’re sitting in beer gardens.”

Jane Stewart suggested The Barracudas and Summer Fun, while over on Twitter, Annemarie McGregor chose San Francisco Days by Chris Isaak, Somewhere in My Heart by Aztec Camera or Indian Summer by Martin and the Daintees.

So tell us — what’s yours? You know where to find us.