Extra Letters (February 14 edition)

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Bird one over on golf course

I read with interest your article on the Harris’s hawk (February 7).

We have a bird of prey we see regularly — I managed to take a picture and wondered if it was the same bird? I took this picture (below) last Saturday.

The bird we see is around the Mearns Castle Golf Academy and seems not to be frightened off by the golfers, as you will see two in the background of the picture.

Phil Sproul

Newton Mearns

(According to a note from the owners of our Harris hawk, the bird pictured in last week’s article is home safe. However, The Extra welcomes any suggestions on the species of bird pictured, by emailing gillian.loney@jpress.co.uk, or by visiting us on Facebook or Twitter.)

Traffic impact of nursery

(Re: Nursery in school debate, January 31) Having just read the article in The Extra, I agree that with the influx of new building around the Crookfur area, there might be a need for a new nursery.

My own son went to Hazeldene which was not exactly “local”.

However, as a local resident, has anyone thought of the impact of the extra traffic in the mornings and at pickup time, particularly around Lomond Drive and Morar Place?

At times there is a accident waiting to happen with the number of cars for the primary and secondary schools.

Jane Macdonald


Driven parking mad

I was interested to read your article on parking in The Extra (January 24).

I live across from the Busby church, and the primary school, and the car owners never cease to amaze me with their inconsiderate attitudes.

Last week a cleansing department driver was unable to turn his large vehicle at the top of Church Road and resulted in causing a line of cars unable to move while he went into the school to complain.

This was due to school members parking in front of the Masonic Hall, along the top of Church Road - there must have been about six cars, some of which were four wheel drives.

I believe it is illegal to park with half the car on the pavement, but that doesn’t seem to deter them. There’s no point in introducing yet another law if there is no one there to enforce it.

I have difficulty getting past when walking my dog and usually have to go into the middle of the road to get around the corner.

When the church users, and parents dropping children off at school, are around - chaos would be my choice of description.

The available spaces in surrounding car parks are ignored. I shudder to think how an ambulance would proceed during the hectic times if one was required for the vulnerable people in this complex.

Good luck with your attempts to improve this situation.

Margaret Doughty


You Said It: our weekly social media update

THE Extra Facebook page has been busy this week, with many of you debating issues raised in last week’s edition.

Attracting attention was our front page story, on East Renfrewshire council’s budget – and in particular, its significant investment in the new Eastwood health centre.

Facebook follower Elizabeth Jeffrey commented: “How does everyone feel about this new medical centre?

“It sounds a bit of a farce. It is not planned for a residential area, but they have made no provision for car parking? Yet in this article, the council admits that the majority of residents use their cars for transport hence the investment in improving local roads.”

Also still high on the agenda was last week’s mystery bird story (Hawk eyes in the south, p3). Many of you were happy to find out the species of bird spotted near Bellahouston Academy – and The Extra has since learned that the Harris hawk made it home safely.

The story also prompted a letter from Newton Mearns about another bird of prey, spotted taking in a bit of golf on the Mearns Castle course.

And over on Twitter, our story on safety concerns on the A727 out of Busby (Wrong way street, p5) prompted response, with Fiona MacGrain commenting: “I drive this section a lot and have seen many near misses – would be great to see the road made safe there.”

As ever, we welcome your comments – on the stories included in this week’s paper, and anything else you think we should be covering.

So have your say on Facebook (/ExtraSouthside) or Twitter (@ExtraSouthside) and your views could feature in next week’s Extra.