Extra Letters (December 27 edition)

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The road to Robslee...

I refer to my letter recently published in the Extra where I raised the prospect of Robslee primary school parents continuing to use their local facility which has effectively been saved from closure and is to carry on as a primary school run by the same education authority.

I have received significant public support for challenging assumptions on what we in this part of the world have in the past been expected to do.

I now await confirmation from East Renfrewshire council that no Robslee child would ever be turned away from their local facility should their parents or guardians opt to continue using the same; given the legal position, I fully expect this confirmation to be forthcoming, though I do note with disappointment that this perfectly valid option has not been widely promulgated.

I would like to confirm that I was not suggesting that Robslee children are not welcome at Giffnock Primary School; far from it!

Though I write purely in a personal capacity, I am married to the chair of the Giffnock primary school parent council and know for certain that Robslee children and their families are positively embraced in the Giffnock facility (and rightly so, particularly after what they have been through).

I have consistently campaigned to keep Robslee primary school open and have been a strong supporter of the Robslee families who I feel have been let down in this sorry affair.

I do however know that they will not be let down by the staff, parents and children of Giffnock primary school.

In the meantime, I will continue to support all Robslee families who I know are not only very welcome at Giffnock primary school, but who now assuredly enrich the school and form an integral and invaluable part of it — that will include my joining calls to have traffic crossings upgraded to protect children who are now required to cross Fenwick Road, but also include assurances from the council that continuing to attend the saved Robslee facility will always be an option for those who want it.

The thrust of the point in my previous letter is that we often have more freedom of choice than we may assume — perhaps too often, our assumptuions are are the product of lingering attitudes that belong in the past; this is evidenced by the encouraging spread of children of many (and no) faiths attending our denominational schools on the strength of their standards in education.

Allan R M Steele, Giffnock

Bright light in Giffnock

What better example of the many positives to be found in East Renfrewshire in 2012 than the Giffnock Torch procession; a once in a lifetime event that is unlikely to be forgotten by those who managed to attend in what turned out to be a most fitting local precursor to the national triumph that was the Olympics.

As the effects of austerity permeate through to every walk of life, now is perhaps an opportune time to remind ourselves of the army of carers and volunteers who step up to the mark in times of such difficulty, looking after the elderly and infirm who, without such help, become increasingly isolated in their homes.

If ever there was a time they needed our support it is now. From a council perspective, hopefully we may all, regardless of political persuasion, work together in 2013 to ensure that support is directed to our most vulnerable.

Gordon Wallace, East Refrewshire councillor

Council call

Newton Mearns Community council exists just to represent you and try to deal with any issues or problems you may have with ERC.

The community council is in dire need of more councillors: if you wish to support your community please come along to Albertslund Hall on Monday, 
January 14 at 7pm or phone 639 6431

Bryson McNeil, Newton Mearns community council

Exam plus

I would like to pass on my congratulations to all the students in East Renfrewshire who worked so hard to achieve these excellent results. Particular credit must go to Williamwood High School and St Ninian’s High School for being placed first and second in the Herald’s school league table.

East Renfrewshire’s consistently high placing on the table is also testament to the high quality of the teaching staff and I wish all students the best of luck with their studies for the remainder of the academic year.

Stewart Maxwell, west of Scotland MSP