Exclusive tour for scout group

50th Glasgow Scout Group at The Roundhouse Vet Hospital.
50th Glasgow Scout Group at The Roundhouse Vet Hospital.

A local Cathcart-based scout group had an amazing hands-on experience last week after visiting Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in the city’s Southside.

The 50th Glasgow Scout Group paid a special visit for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the veterinary hospital to provide an educational insight into the science and medicine involved in the veterinary profession.

A brief presentation on what factors vet surgeons consider when fixing broken legs was followed by an opportunity for the scouts to fix ‘virtual’ wooden broken legs with plates and screws in a variety of different ways.

Pets’n’Vets Family partner Ross Allan said: “As a former scout I really appreciate the opportunities the movement gave me to expand my horizons and gain practical skills that help me every day.

“I hope this visit will encourage a new generation of scouts to consider the veterinary sector as a future career choice and help the scouts see how simple science can help you understand more complex problems - a key skill in many jobs.”