Ex-provost demands government intervention

Danger outside quarry
Danger outside quarry

WITH no developer in sight and Braidbar quarry in danger of collapse, a former provost has called on the Scottish government to step in.

Alan Steele is more than familiar with the problem which has rumbled on for almost 30 years, having served Eastwood district council from 1988 till 1996, then becoming East Renfrewshire’s first provost until 2003.



He also lives on nearby Forres Avenue.

The former councillor believes the problem has “gone on for too long without being fixed. The quarry is a death trap.

“ERC need to act now and join forces with the Scottish government to fund a solution to this problem. They have a moral and legal duty to do so.

“Local residents have been living in a time warp for almost 30 years, unable to move house.

“The council has to face up to facts and accept that a developer is not going to step in. They have to act now to put this right.

“If you have a dripping tap, you fix it. You do not wait till it floods the entire house. The fault is on council grounds”.

Current Giffnock and Thornliebank councillor Gordon Wallace agreed the “council has a responsibility to bring the land up to a useable state.

“As the council continues to open up greenbelt land, East Renfrewshire is fast becoming a sprawling suburbia and a wide open space is sorely needed.

“The land could be the jewel in East Renfrewshire’s crown — instead, nobody can go near it.

“Nobody is going to build on it so it is up to the council to appeal to the Scottish government and secure funding to help them fix this problem that gravely needs to be fixed”.

Meanwhile, Stewart Maxwell, an SNP MSP for West of Scotland, does not believe this problem is the government’s responsibility.

He told The Extra: “It is up to the local council now to bring forward fresh proposals to stabilise the land at Braidbar quarry in a way which meets with approval from local residents and the wider community.

“I sympathise with the residents at Forres Avenue, particularly as this has been a long-standing concern since the 1980s.

“It is disappointing then that the plans put forward by ERC have so far been unable to resolve the situation”.