ERGC launches its Christmas appeal

Russell MacMillan
Russell MacMillan

It’s been another successful year for East Renfrewshire Good Causes, but now the head of the organisation is looking to Christmas.

Russell MacMillan has been running Good Causes for eight years, since his life was saved by “a total stranger” who had donated organs which saved his life when he needed a new pancreas and kidney.

Over the eight years, Russell has raised £235,818, with £20,643 in the last six months alone.

But Russell stresses it is not only the money donated, as important as that is.

Russell told The Extra: “Many have donated time to the charity and this works out to more than double the amount of cash.

“We cleared the garden of an autistic boy and the amount is cost us was £1,000.

“Normally that would have come to £6,000.

“However, the backbone has been the standing orders of the doors and if you are not a donor already, sign up: donations begin at £5 per month.”

Visit ERGC’s website — at — to see the work it does, such as giving an iPad to a blind, non-verbal autistic child with special apps which help him to communicate.

Or the young mum who lost her husband just weeks prior to giving birth who was provided with a cleaner for two hours a week to help her cope.

Russell added: “My personal Christian faith, supported by so many local businesses, people, groups and The Extra have pulled together.”