ERGC launch ‘Access for All’ campaign

ERGC appeal for public and drivers not to block pavements
ERGC appeal for public and drivers not to block pavements

A visually impaired local hero who set up his own charity to help others following his transplant is appealing for people to use common sense.

Russell Macmillan, founder of East Ren Good Causes is encouraging people to follow the charity’s ethos of ‘Love Your neighbours’.

This appeal comes hot on the heels of The Extra’s own local reporting of inconsiderate and selfish examples of parking on the southside.

Russell said: “With an increasingly ageing local population, it is essential that our pavements and kerbs are not obstructed with cars or wheely bins, allowing basic daily tasks like going to the shops, by the elderly, parents with prams and mobility impaired people as safe as possible. For many obstructions can lead to people using the roads instead, which poses a real danger.

“The things we take for granted become more problematic with the ageing process. Being registered blind myself, I am only too aware of the dangers, therefore it is imperative we keep pavements clear.”

Russell approached local labour councillor Ian McAlpine, to look into this issue.

Cllr McAlpine told The Extra: “When you walk the route with or without a walking aid, you realise the obstacles that those with mobilityproblems face, when carrying out the most basic of daily tasks. In my role as labour councillor for Newton Mearns South, I am naturally delighted to spearhead this latest ER Good Causes appeal to improve access for my constituents, which will raise the local standard”.

Mr David McGill, who spoke up on behalf of residents of Shaw Court said: “It is good to see Cllr McAlpine trying to help improve the lives of our senior members who live independently in the community”.