ERGC frustrated that they can’t help more

ERGC need more referrals to help them spend money
ERGC need more referrals to help them spend money

A local East Ren charity is crying out for help. And it’s not what you think. Rather than asking for money they desperately want to give it away!

East Ren Good Causes, a charity set up by founder Russell McMillan following his transplant, are currently sitting on reserves in their bank account totalling £121,000.

Russell told The Extra that they are struggling to give money away. Last year saw the charity providing benefits to the tune of £37,368 within the local area, but could easily afford to double this annually.

And the simple reason behind this problem, is that ERGC are not receiving sufficient referrals for people they know they would be able to help.

So, in an attempt to rectify this, we are now going to provide you with the following list of people who can make a referral to help a friend, neighbour or client. If you’re a councillor, social worker, teacher, police officer, care worker, housing officer, a homeless worker, a nurse or doctor, an OT or physio, someone who works with the hearing or visually impaired community, a minister, priest or rabbi you can make that referral.

Don’t just sit there bemoaning the fact that there’s no help -there is, you just have to ask. This is where ERGC can step in.

As an example, over the past 12 months the charity has provided help for some to remain at home, specialist IT equipment, help with transport costs, respite care break costs, mobility scooter, carpets, cookers, washing machines, educational support, clothing grants, orthopaedic mattress and electrical home repairs. The list of things the charity can help with is literally endless, and they’re simply waiting to be asked to help.

Apply via the website: