ERC parking up the wrong tree

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A BROOMBURN Drive resident is at loggerheads with East Renfrewshire council after a disabled parking permit mix-up.

The Newton Mearns woman, who asked not to be named, is a full time carer for her daughter, despite being disabled herself.

While away for a day of respite with her other daughter, she removed her parking badge from her own car to use in her daughter’s car.

When she returned home, she found a £60 fine from East Renfrewshire’s traffic wardens. However, despite an attempt to appeal the fine, ERC stood by the decision

Councillor Jim Swift was contacted by the outraged resident.

He told The Extra: “Should a full time carer not be allowed respite? I would ask the council to be flexible.”

A council spokesman said: “The terms of a disabled person’s blue badge states quite clearly that it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the badge is clearly displayed on the windscreen at all 

“Unfortunately, if a blue badge is not displayed the vehicle will receive a ticket if parked in a disabled bay.

“Abuse of disabled persons bays is high on the political agenda and fairly widespread throughout the country. Even if the appellant demonstrates at a later stage that they had a legitimate blue badge, it still remains their responsibility to properly display it, and hence any appeal is subsequently rejected.”

Meanwhile, ERC is to bring forward its review of the parking orders process .

The council will begin to assess area orders on a prioritised basis before implementing the full statutory process.

Each order will take at least six months to complete, but could take longer depending on the number of objections during the statutory process.

In a bid to encourage council action, Clarkston Bid and Clarkston community council called a parking forum last night as The Extra went to press.

Topics for discussion included the possibility of regulations which would help increase footfall for Clarkston shops, and other parking issues raised by members of the public.