Touch of London comes to Eastwood

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A Newton Mearns businessman has drawn inspiration from a novel means of transport that is popular with well-heeled Londoners.

Enterprising professional driver Gary Philips (41) of Anderson Court spent ten years in the capital and observed how some wealthier car owners preferred to use their own vehicle while out on the town or on business – while paying someone else to drive it.

Gary said: “I often saw car owners who were Arab or Asian hiring their own personal driver who would take them to their destination, wait for them and drive them home. This give me the idea to launch this kind of company here and the advantages of it are very obvious once you get your head round it.

“In some cases, I have to say this was to show off the car but this sort of business has a lot more to offer for both corporate and private clients and I am fully insured to cope with this.

“There are a lot of limitations with taking taxis or trains when there are delays and works on the line – and of course driving yourself – especially with drink driving laws.

“I will take the client to where they want to go and I’ll be waiting to take them home. This means that they will not need to drive a long distance when they are tired or pay to stay overnight in a hotel.

“It even means that the client can sit in the car with a laptop and do work if they need to. If you are in your own car, it is like being in your own bed. It’s your comfort zone.

“I know it is a trust thing but I am already getting repeat custom and recommendations. It’s a fully customised discreet and reliable service but it is not high cost.

“I would also like to build up the business starting with an Edinburgh base as well so I can offer a service to the North of England.”

For more details contact or call 07792 510908.