(Sustainable) food for thought

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SOUTHSIDERS flocked to Shawlands at the weekend to visit Locavore – a social enterprise group with food for thought.

The non-profit organisation — whose name means eater of local food — aims to create a sustainable local food economy, encourage residents to re-think their food choices and boost the green community in the area.

The shop at 42 Skirving Street sells a variety of local foods, books, home-made deli and bakery items, with all funding going back into community projects.

Thsee include an initiative first conceived at Crosshill train station and now planned for more stations across the southside – an edible platform where anyone can pick their own fruit and veg.

Locavore is co-ordinated by southsider Reuben Chesters – also the founder of gardening group South Seeds – who told The Extra: “We believe we need to re-think our relationship with food, from the way it’s produced to the way it’s cooked, eaten and disposed of.

“By changing our relationship with food we can reduce the negative impact food has on the environment, while improving our health, our economy, our community and our happiness”.

Locavore’s opening weekend wasn’t spent entirely indoors, as the group also launched a shared garden project, after being approached by residents of four Shawlands streets with space for using.

Reuben explained: “We held our first community gardening event, at a big shared space between Tantallon Road, Strathyre Street, Deanston Drive and Walton Street.

“A few residents had dropped in while we were still renovating, told me about the space and asked for help.

“We put out a questionnaire and got loads of support for it from the community, so Sunday was the first organised practical day for clearing it out.

“That’s going to be happening every Sunday for the next month or so, and this week we’ll be putting in raised beds and planting seeds – all very positive work”.

With a successful opening weekend under its belt, Locavore is now restocking the shelves, as well as making plans for the future.

The volunteer-run shop doubles as a community kitchen hosting regular workshops — and with such a busy start on Saturday, Reuben hopes that neighbours will keep coming back for a programme of events to be confirmed soon.

To find out more about the green group, visit Glasgow Locavore