Stamperland under water - again!

At any other time this may have been a lovely water feature!
At any other time this may have been a lovely water feature!

Residents living in the Stamperland area of the southside once again fought to keep their homes dry after last week’s rainfall.

The ongoing issue over flooding in parts of the southside is a long-term problem, mainly as a result of the underground pipework being unable to cope in times of heavy rainfall.

Locals living in the area expressed their frustration to The Extra last week that nobody seems able to take control of the issues affecting them.

Mrs Susanne Connell, one of the residents affected said: “Both East Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Water said such flooding was a ‘once in a lifetime event’, but they must have been referring to cat or dog lifespans, rather than human lives because we have experienced a number of floods since first hearing that.

“When the rainwater drains become flooded, water is forced into the sewage system bringing a mixture of rainwater and sewage to the surface. It’s disgusting.”

A spokesman for Scottish water said: “We are investigating the causes of the flooding issues and working with the council to assess what can be done to tackle them.

“We are aware that, in times of heavy rainfall, there is surface water run-off from the steep hillside above properties in Stamperland Gardens.

“We have been liaising with the local residents and have also installed flood protection measures to help. We will continue to keep them informed of progress.”

East Ren Council commented: “We are aware of this long-standing issue in the area and continue to work closely with Scottish Water as they try to find a potential solution to this difficult situation. All of the council’s gullys are operating effectively, however, during periods of heavy rainfall the Scottish Water network struggles to cope which unfortunately can result in excess surface water gathering at low points until it can drain away.”