Southside survey says: clean up our streets

@WaronLitter continues to document litter-blighted streets on Twitter
@WaronLitter continues to document litter-blighted streets on Twitter

Cleanliness – or lack of it –remains a top priority for southsiders, according to the Southside Central Area Partnership survey for 2015.

As reported in The Extra, residents were asked for their say on the issues important to their neighbourhoods in a bid for “ongoing consultation” with the area partnership.

Issues with litter, particularly near schools and fast food outlets, and fly-tipping were highlighted as top priorities, as well as dog fouling and graffiti.

The partnership reports being “overwhelmed by the community’s response”. Chair and southside central councillor Soryia Siddique told The Extra: “I’m delighted hundreds of residents responded to the neighbourhood survey.

“Unfortunately, a minority of residents aren’t following cleansing rules or reporting them to departments or elected members, but prefer to rely on the media as a reporting method.”

She added that the results were being “analysed and actioned”, with residents invited to join community clean ups.

“I welcomed the wealth of local information, ideas and proactiveness from residents. Over the coming months, we will continue to respond to the issues raised in the survey.”

The findings will be presented to partners Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue and Community Safety Glasgow.

The area partnership also works with Keep Scotland Beautiful, local businesses and environmental groups to clean up the streets.

However, one litter activist remains unimpressed. The Victoria Road resident responsible for Twitter account @WaronLitter told The Extra: “I took part in the survey, and one of the spring clean ups - I’m not impressed.

“Although it’s a worthy exercise, the spring clean really didn’t scratch the surface. The results mention companies working with the partnership, but these are just some of many — where are the rest, and the smaller takeaways who produce plenty of litter with little pressure on them to contribute to the clean up?

“There’s not enough being done to force improvements on these companies.

“The people have spoken about what is annoying them in this survey – now let’s see some real action from those tasked with acting on the information.”