Silverburn ups recycling efforts

SILVERBURN shopping centre has made dramatic improvements to its recycling performance, jumping from nine to 96 per cent in three months.

The Pollok shopping centre now recycles 96 per cent of its rubbish – leaving a remaining four per cent of non-recyclable materials such as plastic wrapping.

The recycling drive is credited with switching to just one waste firm, Shanks, as well as the efforts of Silverburn’s environmental services manager, Craig Francis, and his team of 35 – and it has saved the centre over £9,000.

General manager David Pierotti commented: “The introduction of Craig Francis has been the true catalyst in driving this amazing performance assisted by the strong rapport he has developed with our retail partners and onsite team”.

The team use new food caddies to separate food for effective processing, which is then shipped to a Cumbernauld plant, to be used as fertiliser by local farmers.

The four per cent non-recyclable material, meanwhile, is shipped abroad to be used as fuel for power stations, resulting in a zero percentage of waste ending up in landfill.