Shawlands food project

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SHAWLANDS residents are being encouraged to grow their own, as a social enterprise with food on the brain launches this week.

Locavore — eater of local food — is a community interest, non-profit organisation aimed at creating sustainable local food economies.

The group of volunteers hopes to encourage neighbours to re-think their relationship with food, and create a thriving green community in Shawlands and beyond.

Southsider Reuben Chesters — the founder of community gardening group South Seeds — is co-ordinating the project.

He told The Extra: “We believe we need to re-think our relationship with food, from the way it’s produced to the way it’s cooked, eaten and disposed of.

“Locavore will be opening a social enterprise community food hub at 42 Skirving Street, selling a wide variety of local foods, a selection of books as well as home-made deli and bakery items – but unlike conventional businesses, all profits made go back into funding local food projects”.

It’s hoped that proceeds from the hub will fund various ongoing projects, including start-up help for Shawlands residents to grow their own in shared garden spaces, and an edible railway platform scheme, where anyone pick their own fruit and veg.

The second is an initiative first attempted by Reuben’s South Seeds group last year, after adopting gardening duties at Crosshill station – and there are now plans to extend it across southside stations.

The volunteer-run shop will also double as a community kitchen, hosting regular workshops on everything from seasonal ingredients to making your own jam and cooking with wild produce.

Reuben added: “By changing our relationship with food we can reduce the negative impact food has on the environment, while improving our health, our economy, our community and our happiness”.

The Locavore hub opens this Saturday, with events planned between noon and 8pm. Visitors will be treated to free samples and seed planting workshops, as well as information for those interested in volunteering for the project.

To find out more about the Shawlands green group, visit Glasgow Locavore.