Rubbish: residents ‘shamed’ by mess

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Residents in south Glasgow are calling upon Glasgow council to clear up drains , leaves and even discarded Christmas trees that they say are blighting an attractive residential community.

The Extra has had sight of a letter sent to councillor local councillor Emma Gillan by 76-year-old retired householder James Burns, of St Bride’s Road, Newlands, complaining about ‘gullies’ on Corrour Road and Kilmarnock Road that seem to not have been cleared since as far back as the start of the new year.

Mr Burns says it’s the council’s responsibility to keep the area clear of fallen leaves and other debris and he wants the council to schedule more regular clean-ups.

Comparing the stretch of road to ‘a coup’, he said: “The area has not been cleaned for several weeks and there is still evidence of discarded Christmas trees.

“It is a sad situation when the pedestrian entry to an area where there are properties in excess of half a million pounds and more is more akin to that of a local coup.

And Mr Burns says this is nothing new, having experienced similar situations over more than a decade.

He added: “I have on file letters going back at least ten years regarding the same problem.

“I have been forced to take a rake and broom and clear such blockages through sheer desperation and shame.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “All streets in Glasgow are regularly swept; some daily, some weekly.

“Corrour Road is scheduled for clearing tomorrow [today, Thursday, March 26].”