Rouken Glen funding given green light

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ROUKEN Glen park has been awarded over £2 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The park is due for a makeover, courtesy of the £2.15m funding, in addition to £1m from East Renfrewshire council after submitting the application in 2011.

It was announced at the beginning of this year that the 100-year-old pavilion would be first in line for refurbishment, as a first step towards securing the funding total and for a cost of £270,000.

Now, the rest of the money will be used to fund projects from late 2012 until spring 2016, including enhancements to the boating pond, restoration of the Glen path and two bridges, access improvements an new signage and lighting.

The walled garden will also be renovated, and a brand new play area will be introduced.

Cash will also be spent on volunteering projects and activities in geology, history, archaeology and environmmental issues, in the hope of increasing public awareness of what the park has to offer.

ERC environment convener Vincent Waters commented: “This is absolutely fabulous news for East Renfrewshire council.

“This award will now allow us to forge ahead with the plans we have developed to improve the park and its facilities”.

Friends of Rouken Glen has given the project its seal of approval, working in partnership with ERC to develop plans for the park’s future.

Chairman Gerald Levin told The Extra: “Naturally, we’re delighted that the hard work by everyone involved in preparing the bid for the award has paid off, and we look forward to seeing the money used to conserve and regenerate the park we love”.

Environmental group Go Greener and the Rouken Glen Model Steamer Club – both resident in the park – also welcomed the news.

Go Greener chair Glyn Jones commented: “This success and the regeneration of Rouken Glen will ensure that it is a place to grow for all the residents of East Renfrewshire, and those who will be attracted to it further afield”.

Tom Ewing, secretary of the model boat club, added that his group’s main interest was in the “cleaning and refurbishment of the pond, and we look forward to that being treated as a top priority”.

It’s a concern echoed by our Twitter follower Pat Masterman, who said that something should be done about the pond.

And over on a Facebook, a quick poll of followers showed top priorities to be a new or improved children’s play area and a clean-up of the pond once again.

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