Rouken Glen across 
the generations

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The age-old tradition of passing social history down through generations by storytelling, song and poetry continued recently.

Young and old from across East Ren got together to ‘remember the rookie’ and swap stories about their memories of Rouken Glen Park .

A group of two dozen older people from the ‘Get Together’ groups at local sheltered housing projects teamed up with primary seven pupils from Our Lady of the Missions to have a blether about how they used the park when they were young.

Phil Richardson from Archaeology Scotland was also on hand to give a talk on the history of the park.

And the older peoples’ memories were recorded for posterity so that pupils from Our Lady of the Missions can put together a piece of work based on their history of the park.

After their reminiscing session, the group went for a short walk together around the park.

A council spokeswoman said: “The afternoon brought together generations in purposeful activity that promotes greater understanding and respect between young and old and helps to build more cohesive communities.”

The event is hailed as a “good example of successful integrated working between the older people’s team, primary schools and the parks team”.

And the plan is to run a similar event in the near future.

The Get Together groups meet weekly to give older people the chance to get out and about and meet new people, to stay well and become more involved with their community.

Anyone wanting to become involved or who knows someone who might feel lonely or isolated and could benefit from some company, or who would like to find out more about opportunities in East Ren for older people can contact For more info on local walking groups email Sine Delahunt at or for Rouken Glen activities contact