Profiteering on concert tickets must stop now

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Prices are being dramatically pushed up for ticket holders who shouldn’t be paying over the odds for an evening’s entertainment.

That is the view of MP Paul Masterton who has raised concerns about so-called ‘online ticket bots’ in Parliament - after a number of constituents approached him .

Technology allow unscrupulous operators to snap up hundreds of tickets electronically before they go on sale .

Their next move is to sell these on in a secondary market to the general public - making a tidy profit in the prcess .

And that’s just not good enough according to Mr Masterton.

He has now discussed the issue with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley MP.

However, Ms Bradley said that the Digital Economy Act 2017 will soon come in to play to deal with this. In addition, existing provisions will be strengthened in the Consumer Right Act of 2015

Mr Masterton said: “It is simply unacceptable that large companies are able to inflate prices for customers who just want to see a concert or attend a festival or football match.

“So I am happy to see measures put in place.”