Pollokshaws kids bring the sunshine

editorial image

The sun may have been hiding last Thursday, but a community garden in Pollokshaws was that little bit brighter, thanks to some budding young artists.

The garden, established two years ago by Pollokshaws Area Network, welcomed pupils from St Conval’s and Tinto primaries and Shaw Mohr Early Years Centre, all there to see their own handiwork.

The youngsters had created murals which are now on display at the garden and, as a thank you, the area network team laid on some fun activities in nearby ? Library.

Speaking to the creative kids, gardener Mike Gadsden said: “It’s about the most special day I have had in the garden. Because you have worked so hard on all these pictures, anyone walking by will stop and wonder what we do here.

“You have done a marvellous job and I want to thank everyone.”

Mike added that more people are needed to help with planting, digging and weeding, should any mums and dads be interested.

The group meet at the garden on Shawbridge Street every Friday.