No rubbish here!

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POLLOKSHIELDS residents are turning to technology in a bid to clean up their streets.

Angered by ongoing litter and fly tipping problems, southsiders have taken to Twitter to share photos of everyday rubbish, furniture and even abandoned cars.

Now, two residents have set up a Twitter feed dedicated to the problem, inviting photos and information to share with the community.

A representative of @CleanShields told The Extra: “We love living in Pollokshields – it has great shops, excellent transport and lovely people.

“However, the litter and fly tipping bring the area down, and it’s become clear that Pollokshields is a dumping ground for rubbish.

“We set out to find out if there were other residents who felt the same. Almost from the first tweet, it was obvious that we were not the only people concerned about it”.

Since setting up at the end of July, the community page has uploaded pictures of 12 mattresses, seven sofas, four fridges, two televisions, a bath and more.

According to @CleanShields, four of those instances were spotted next to a No Fly Tipping sign.

Councillor David Meikle, also a Twitter user, told The Extra: “Dumping is a big issue in East Pollokshields.

“The benefit of new technology like MyGlasgow and Twitter is that any issues can be reported instantly – hopefully this will mean that the council provides a quick, reactive service.

“However, we also need to be proactive and address the root causes of the problem, and have proper enforcement procedures in place”.

MyGlasgow is a new initiative launched by Glasgow city council’s land and environmental services – a mobile phone app which enables residents to report issues including missed bin collections, dog fouling and dumping.

A GCC spokesman explained: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to pass us information or let us know about problems - and this is just another option”.

However, another Twitter follower commented: “The council have stopped regular bulk uplifts, which has proved a double-edged sword – on the one hand, there isn’t quite the volume of items dumped on a weekly basis, but on the other, waste isn’t collected until reported.

“Relying on residents reporting incidents of dumping is not a proactive enough response – there must be an effort to enforce the rules against fly tipping.

“How this should be done is beyond me – but it’s an issue which bothers almost every resident here”.

For now, @CleanShields hopes that a technological reminder will encourage both council and community to make changes.

The founder added: “Our hope is not just to moan about the rubbish, but to mobilise the community to get together and stop the dumping.
“If anyone would like to join the campaign, they can follow us, send a tweet with a photo of rubbish in their area, and we will retweet it”.