No foul, no harm

Just pick it up and dispose of it sensibly.
Just pick it up and dispose of it sensibly.
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DOG owners are on a last warning to clean up after their pets as the Clean Glasgow dog fouling campaign focuses on Pollokshields.

The Glasgow city council and Glasgow Community and Safety Services’ scheme launched last year.

Enforcement officers take to the streets worst affected for a two week period, and fine irresponsible owners on the spot.

CCTV footage and witness statements are also used to issue warning letters and fixed penalty notices.

A Clean Glasgow spokesman told The Extra: “People hate dog fouling because it has a negative impact on how they view their city, or even their own close.

“Our aim is to target dog fouling with a much heavier hand.

“We will chase payment from people who are fined, we will impound dogs if they are not under proper care and control, and we will use every tool in the box to confront persistent offenders”.

Pollokshields councillor David Meikle has welcomed the action — but it seems that the southside isn’t the only area to face dog fouling problems.

The Extra has received numerous complaints from East Renfrewshire residents, including one mother who has taken to circling dog mess in chalk to highlight the problem.

Meanwhile, Facebook follower Lyndsay Dickson commented: “It is a problem, and very difficult to avoid when out with a pram.

“I can see that many dog owners do pick up, but how do you tackle those who don’t?”

Lindsay Young added: “I pick up poo and carry it till I find a bin, or carry it home — but not everyone does that, as all the used bags you see on the ground and stuffed in hedges proves”.

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire council told The Extra that the number of fixed penalties issued has risen, from 32 in 2010/11 to 45 in 2011/12.

He continued: “Thankfully, the vast majority of dog owners in our area are thoroughly responsible.

“For the minority who aren’t we will hand out fixed penalty notices if needs be, and will continue to carry out regular patrols”.

In either authority, the fixed penalty notice for not picking up after your dog is £40 — this rises to £60 if not paid within 28 days.

Anyone with information on irresponsible dog owners is asked to call Clean Glasgow on 0800 027 7027, or ERC’s dog warden service on 0800 013 0076.