Move to muzzle dogs’ foul play at Rouken Glen

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The council has launched a new bid to keep Rouken Glen Park free of dog mess – and to stop pets from annoying and even frightening visitors.

The move, which involves new signs reminding owners of correct practice, follows a range of complaints reported to rangers.

Owners are urged to keep their pets under control at all times, especially near picnic areas and close to where children are playing.

They’re also being told to prevent their pets approaching ranger-led groups, as some people may be either afraid of dogs or allergic to them.

Environment convener Councillor Alan Lafferty said: ““Community safety officers will be patrolling the park on a regular basis to ensure visitors are aware of the expected behaviour and they will be increasingly vigilant in targeting offenders of dog fouling.”

Park ranger Katy Green said: “Rouken Glen Park is a brilliant area and we want to ensure that it continues to be enjoyed by the thousands of visitors who descend on the park each year.

The public are also encouraged to report any dog fouling offences at, with offenders facing an £80 fine.